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Joseph A Thomas - Waynesville, NC

Landscape Photographer - Local Art the makes the difference

Hello, My name is Joseph A. Thomas.

I am the owner and operator of Carolina Photo Art Gallery, LLC. I am blessed to have over 25,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook. People who are local and nationwide have a love for this place where we are blessed to call Western Carolina home. I have had many opportunities to pray with many individuals who have either admired or have even bought my photography over the years.

The photos of the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Great Smoky Mountains bring people together regardless of their beliefs, religion or political party. These beautiful scenes bring people peace and that is why so many enjoy them. Creation is God's first witness and evidence of His existence.

I went to a Bible school called John Brown University. I would have never imagined that my photography and Bible instruction would collide to be used in sharing the Good News in what God has called me to do today. A year ago, I had a out of body experience due to Covid, double pneumonia, and a massive platelet drop. I was in the lap of Jesus and He healed me!

Even though I wanted to stay in Heaven he sent me back to give people message.

Since this encounter, I see the Word of God differently and stay filled with the Holy Spirit by reading the Word of God daily. True deliverance came to my family by the reading of the Word of God daily. The Holy Spirit wants to keep us whole and ehealing within our mind, body and Spirit.

Since this time, I have seen many come into relationship with Jesus and have experienced supernatural things by the power of the Holy Spirit as in healing, removed addictions by removing of unclean spirits even off myself, my family and others. We have learned that deliverance is biblical and we certainly follow it here. You can support our ministry by buying one of my beautiful canvases. Each Sunday, at 10:00 am from within my Art Gallery we offer a time of community outreach called "Worship in the Gallery". We are not a typical nondenominational church but we exist as a community outreach. Church is not a building or what is on paper but the collective body of Christ Jesus. Each Sunday at 10:00am we offer a community event called "Worship in the Gallery.

During this time we have encounters with the Holy Spirit while raising funding for our ministry partners of the Broyhill Home for Kids and the Pregnancy Center MAPS of Waynesville, NC.

This is the outreach of Paying It Forward in helping the "Least of these" of our community.

Come and experience a true ACTS gathering! We invite all into an amazing relationship with Jesus by the Holy Spirit. We love the Word of God here and the encounters of the Holy Spirit.

Today's world is cold but here the love we have for each other is certainly special and a rare thing. Come worship the King with us and experience something different here!

In Luke 6:38 it says, "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

We serve an Almighty God that can take a little faith to move mountains! If our hearts are clean, God will yield the resources for this short harvest and allow us to participate by going to where the fish are. Keep your eyes and ears open for the Holy Spirit has assignments for each of us to carry out. God's assignments all around us right where he has planted us.

We will have some canvases on display at our Carolina Photo Art Gallery which will be available for purchase at a discounted price designed to raise support for our aligned local ministries. Come out and select a beautiful "12x18 gallery canvas"to buy and gift to someone today.

There is no telling how many people would see your canvas over the next 25 years and their lives be changed by one of our meetings or community events. We all can make a difference within someone's life today!

You are welcome here. Come join us this week and have an encounter with the Living God!

Our Online Store - The Invite Canvas

Purchase and plant a seed today by buying one of our invite canvases which

supports us. Give this canvas away to someone local to Haywood County or beyond.

Please pray and allow the Holy Spirit to show you who to give it to during the week.

 This gift of love will make someone feel special no matter who they are.

Each canvas has our website as a signature in the lower right hand

corner. By doing this you are inviting them to this website and our gathering.

Also, you are sowing into the Kingdom of God through local Outreach.

God Bless you and thank you for your support. Go and tell today!

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